Hello, I am Hussein kağıt 1982 I was born in Ankara. I have been married with 4 children.


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I am a Poet, Composer, Instrument and Sound Artist, as well as Cinematographer and Music Director. My Record Company, I Have a Sound Recording and Photography Studio. I have also received nicknames along with many Awards. Among them, the one that I liked the most was Ankara's Cute Poet and Composition Factory. I was the subject of documentaries on Google and YouTube as the world's most famous Hüseyin. I also made it so far to consider entering the Guinness Book of Records by making clips and duets with many artists. I took part in 2 movies released in cinemas. I published 1 Internet Series, and this is how my acting adventure started. I have performed Composition and Lyrics for many Films and TV Series. I have done radio and television programs for years. I'm still continuing all the things I said. For me, music is indispensable, and it will remain so. Best Regards





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